There are a lot of individuals out there who are shifty and clever, who claim to be experts but are not. They just find someone in need of some service and willing to pay any price. A bonus for them is if the client has no idea about what is needed – time-wise and financially. Those shifty people are very good at what they do which is stealing your money. Of course, it’s not strong arm robbery but it is stealing all the same and its definitely time to watch out for these types of contractors. Here are a few tips that could save time, money. and aggravation in the long run.

1.) Research Everything – Check the contractor’s website, read the reviews that other clients may have said concerning their experience. Also, read their bios, their length of time doing business, where they were trained and all their policies like guarantees, warranties. Get an idea of their pricing– is it high or low compared to others? Check with the BBB and the local Chamber of Commerce if possible.

2.) Get Several Different Estimates – Do not just rely on one or two contractor estimates. Getting several estimates will allow you to see what each one is offering with their service and who is an outlier. Also, just with talking with the contractor you can get a pretty fair impression on their knowledge on things and how focused they are on customer service and satisfaction.

Shake hands only after you’ve done your due diligence!

3.) Reach Out To Past Clients Ask Questions – If at all possible reach out and speak with those that has used their service in the past. Find out what they have to say about the quality of service, materials, time management and much more.

4.) Talk to building supply companies – The builders supply warehouses are a wealth of information if used properly. Ask questions. For instance, finding out how much the supplies needed for a certain would cost. How would labor cost factor in; how would someone go about figuring out a fair amount for the labor? How long should this project take? – The list goes on and on.

5.) Contact your representative’s office for consumer affairs – This is an awesome resource that not many use either by lack of knowing about it or just not thinking about it either way you should. They have a listing of every job that anyone in the area has worked on and all the info you would need to make a well-educated and smart decision on getting the right people for the right job for the right cost.

All these tips and many others that may present themselves are great starting points when looking to hire a contractor. Protect yourself and your home. Don’t make a costly expense by hiring the wrong construction company. It is really easy for someone who is a fast talker to talk you into something, and then before you know it they disappear with your money. Then you’ll be stuck paying back loans that someone else is spending. Remember, a contractor that is legit and is trying to make an honest living has nothing to hide and certainly does not care if questions are asked. They usually also have guarantees for their expert level work.

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